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About Us

The Rational Wellness Group is a forum and platform to allow people to share information and experiences in order to help other people on all issues of alternative health practices.  This group is based on the teachings and philosophies of Dr. John F. Maras, DO, author of Rational Wellness Therapy.  Dr. John Maras coined the new health concept or ‘model,’ called Rational Wellness Therapy (RWT).  RWT treats the whole nature of the individual through supplementation, diet, exercise, meditation, prayer, etc..  Dr. Maras' RWT books were written to provide the average individual with quick answers to their most frequently asked questions regarding new and existing treatments.

If you or someone you know is battling cancer or some other chronic disease or health condition, or, if you or someone you know are considering or undergoing surgery, radiation, chemo or other drug therapy and wish to maintain wellness, then we trust that you will enjoy the support, knowledge, and personal empowerment that you may gain from the Rational Wellness Group.

God bless you on your way back to wellness or further down your wellness path!

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